PP Woven Cloth Tubing Machine

FD-TG 60

The PP woven cloth tubing machine is designed to tube coated or laminated flat fabric into a flat or side gusset tube in roll.


  • It is available for the woven cloth with overall printing especially, resulting superior picture-like print quality.
  • With the compact extruder through material melting for back seam pasting on the bag.
  • An ideal machine for BOPP film with reverse printing to laminate with woven fabric which is processed forming, gusseting, pasting, rewinding to make tube in roll.
  • With Auto. Roller Changer regulates the constant fabric tension and auto. position rectification for evenly and tidily winding.
  • Cooling Blower Set (Optional) helps cool down the temperature from the heat of extruder.

Select Your Model

No. of ply
Max. Dia. of Unwinder
Type of Tube
Width of Tube
Width of Gusset
Max. Speed of Production
Screw Diameter
One Layer
1270 mm
Flat or Gusset Tube
300~650 mm
25~152 mm
100 M/Min