Brand story

FOR DAH, For Dreams, Actions and Happiness.

FOR DAH is located in Chiayi, which is known as Taiwan’s granary. Each full ear of rice not only enriches the living but also nurtured companies like FOR DAH that provides unique products and services, investing in techniques and expertise.

Established in 1970, FOR DAH began producing PP woven bag machinery specially designed by our founder. Helping local farmers to advertise their rich bounties harvested through hard labor. By understanding the end user’s needs, we actively developed our R&D to focus on what the market demanded, providing machinery with a wide range of applications in agriculture.

In 1987, FOR DAH set up the PP woven bag production factory in United State of America in order to know the end user’s exactly need and promote the brand of FOR DAH.
Going from this FOR DAH, with cutting edge technology began exporting globally and building a brand name as a supplier of top quality PP woven bag making machinery.

The original intention of all these actions is to develop a business that started out from the humble beginnings of the rice industry. We have been working hard from 1970 and plan on continuing long into the future promoting a culture of uniting, excellence, and professionalism, to be a leading supplier in the PP woven bag making machinery market.

FOR DAH’s determination and perseverance in the pursuit of excellence through partnerships is like the experience of rising inside a hot air balloon, savoring the grand views slowly unraveling before our eyes. We move consistently forward, having the vision of everything around us to ensure that our company and our partners always have the best competitive advantages possible. We believe that as with anything worthwhile, beautiful things should be nurtured like crops, requiring patience and sufficient time to cultivate and mature, just like the relationships between FOR DAH and its clients, employees and suppliers. This coupled with valuable, irreplaceable experience that has been accumulated bit by bit over the years strives to provide all our partners with the same joy of the farmer watching over his fully matured golden harvest.

Experience the Joy of standing in front of a full harvest. Work with FOR DAH.

Brand History


Established in 1970, FOR DAH began producing woven bag printing machinery designed by our founder.


The logo of FOR DAH rebranded in 2018.