Multi-Wall PP Paper Bag Making Machine

FD-900 SMP

The complete machine consists 6 sections i.e. clothes stand, 3 color printing unit, pasting unit, forming unit, cutting unit, and delivery unit to integrate the production to produce all kinds of multiply PP tube bags for packing cement, fertilizer, sugar, flour, chemical, grain, etc.


  • It is available to make 6-ply flat or gusset tubes.
  • Pure paper bag, sandwich bag, single PP laminated cloth + paper bag are available.
  • Cloth stand is equipped with auto. alignment tracer controller to detect the edge of the material precisely ensuring flat and neatly winding for finished product.
  • The extruder performs durable sticky quality by the melting of plastic material (PP or PE)
  • The printing unit uses water-based ink, the color registration is adjusted by front/back, left/right during the operation. To make different bag length needs to change gears and printing roller based on 0.5 inch.
  • The conveyor stacker with auto. counting helps to stack the bags automatically on requested quantity for the convenience of transportation.

Select Your Model

Tube Length
Tube Width (Flat)
Tube Width (Gusset)
Gusset Width
Paper Roll Width
Paper Roll Dia.
120~140 pcs/min
Max. 1220 mm
Max. 1300 mm