Line of PP Tubular Fabric Film Inserting And Inside Lamination Machine

FD-IST-650 + FD-ILM-850

Our PP tubular fabric film inserting and inside lamination machine is designed for producing PP woven inside laminating bag by bonding the two layer liner with outer woven cloth, which is used for water-proof purpose such as packing for chemical material, fertilizer, feed, flour, sugar, fish meal, powder...etc.
With easy operation to complete the working process on the machine, which is labor-saving instead of hand working, therefore, it helps increase production efficiency and minimum the lost from human error.


  • The bag is widely used in packing industrial for water-proof to avoid the stuff getting damp.
  • In the bonding process the woven and liner are flattened by heating that gives neat and pretty bag quality.
  • The inner film is made from double layer blowing film making machine, that inner layer is LDPE/HDPE and outer layer is EVA, which to be bonded to woven cloth.
  • Compare with common woven bag with liner the newly-develop product could avoid the situation that inner lining film drops from the outer woven cloth by crash from putting goods inside.
  • The complete line consists of inner insert machine and liner inside lamination machine that is flexible for the production management to avoid machine break down to effect production output.
  • The heating capacity of oven is 54 KW that gives strong bonding quality under machine fast running.
  • The inside lamination could give the lining inner film good adhesive quality with woven cloth.

Select Your Model

Max. Product Width
Max. Width of PE Inner Film
Machine Speed
Max. Roll Dia. of Woven
Max. Roll Dia. of Film
Max. Winding Dia.
600~650 mm 600~650 mm
600~650 mm -
10~40 M/Min 10~40 M//Min
1300 mm -
305 mm -
- 1300 mm