Jumbo Bag Single Side 1~4 Color Printing Machine

XL 400

It is designed for heavy duty FIBC (Jumbo bag) flexographic printing by manual feeding. Using solvent-based ink and direct printing method for easy operation and maintenance.


  • In case of no bag is fed the ink rollers and printing roller will separate automatically to prevent ink staining the conveyor to keep clean on the bag
  • Auto. bag collection system (optional) for labor-saving and increase production efficiency.
  • Colorful operator-friendly human machine interface (HMI) is easy to set parameter and clearly read the production record.
  • Special design of anilox roller and ink roller to prevent ink splashing.
  • Equipped with cubic differential transmission for each color to make printing registration (up/down & right left) without stopping machine.
  • With auto. ink circulation device to maintain uniform ink concentration giving good printing quality.

Select Your Model

No. of Color
Max. Web Width
Printing Repeat
Max. Printing Width
Max. Printing Speed
2 3 4
2100 mm 2100 mm 2100 mm
400~2100 mm 400~2100 mm 400~2100 mm
1000 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm
25 bags/Min 25 bags/Min 25 bags/Min

Included Device

  • Auto. Ink Circulation : (Quantity depends on printing color)
  • Cubic Differential Transmission : (Quantity depends on printing color)

Optional Device