Jumbo Bag Heated Cutting & Punching Machine

SF 22

It is available for max. cutting width 2100 mm.
An ideal machine for cutting panel of fabric for heavy duty FIBC (Jumbo bag). It can perform the spout punching with “X” or “O” shape according to the requirement of the customers.


  • Servo control system minimizes the cutting length variation.
  • EPC device to control the edge position for varying web width.
  • With Alloy steel thermal cutter driven by pneumatic cylinder to obtain uniform cutting.
  • Cloth lifting by pneumatic cylinder driven for easy operation.
  • Bag mouth opening device giving the convenience of opening after heat cutting.
  • “X” or “O” shape punching is available upon customer request.

Select Your Model

Max. of Cutting Width
Max. of Cutting Length
Cutting Speed
2200 mm
800~5000 mm
12~20 pcs/min

Optional Device

  • Вырубное устройство
  • X-маркер