Jumbo Bag Auto. Cutting, Sewing and Single Side 1~3 Color Printing Machine

LL 500

It is designed for jumbo bag processing in the combination of auto. cutting & sewing machine and single side printing machine to be online operation to perform a ready bag. With auto. online working process ensures the saving of labor and increasing of productive capacity.


  • Cutting unit and printing unit works simultaneously that minimizes the miss of printing job.
  • Convenient operation and trouble-free to take care the machine easily.
  • Selection of either auto. cutting & sewing unit or printing unit is available upon request.
  • With working table to manually feed bag for printing without processing from auto. cutting & sewing unit.
  • Dual servo control for cloth feeding and bag clamping minimizes the cutting length variation.
  • EPC device to control the edge position for varying web width.
  • With colorful operator-friendly human machine interface (HMI) offers English, Spain, Russia, Arabic, Chinese, French to access the machine operation easily.
  • In case of no bag is fed to the ink rollers the printing roller will separate automatically to prevent ink staining the conveyor to keep clean on the bag.
  • Special design of anilox roller and ink roller to prevent splashing of ink.
  • Equipped with cubic differential transmission for each color to make printing registration (up/down, right/left) without stopping machine.
  • With auto. ink circulation device to maintain uniform ink viscosity giving good printing quality.

Select Your Model

Max. Cutting Width
Max. Cutting Length
Applicable Bag Size
Printing Area
Machine Speed
1150 mm
2800 mm
2800 mm x 1150 mm
1000 x 1150 mm
8~12 bags/min

Included Device

  • Servo Control System
  • E.P.C
  • Mark Sensor
  • Auto. Thread Breaking Detecting Device
  • Flat Cutting Knife
  • Air Compressor (3 HP)
  • Voltage Protection Relay
  • Static Elimination Brush
  • Auto. Ink Circulation : (Quantity depends on printing color)
  • Cubic Differential Transmission : (Quantity depends on printing color)
  • Bag Stacker x 1 set