Double Needle Bar Raschel Machines

FD-MD 4300

It is applied for producing onion bag by creel stand and raschel machine working with PP/HDPE tapes made from flat yarn making machine. With max. working width 170” available for multi-line production to obtain higher output.


  • Yarn feeding from creel stand.
  • Taking of warp knitted sack. The continuous netting is batched into rolls of 1000 mm dia.
  • Bag Durable com

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Applicable Material
Working Width
Warp Supply System
Number of Bar
PP / HDPE Flat Yarn, Monofilament
170” x 210“
Packing Sacks: 2~6 Needles/per inch
From: Warping Beams / Creel Stand / Slitting Extension Machine
500~600 RPM
9-11 Ground Bars