Auto. Valve Forming and Double Head Sewing Machine


The machine includes the bag feeder unit, valve former, double head sewing machine and counting conveyor for processing the tube made from multi-wall PP paper bag making machine to form a bottom sewn ready bag.


  • The bag feeder will suck the tube by vacuum system for feeding of the bag without manual operation. With detector sensing will give alarm in case two tubes sick together.
  • Special design components ensure the accuracy of each valve to minimize the defective rate. With detector sensing will sort out the defective tubes for better quality control.
  • Installed two sewing head on the right and left side to sew both ends simultaneously. While running out the thread and paper tape the detector will give alarm to notify the operators to supply new material.
  • The counting conveyor gives the convenience to stack the bag neatly and set quantity for each stack as per request for bundle packing and transportation.

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Bag Length
Bag Width (Flat)
Gusset Width
Stitch Range
40~50 pcs/min
7-12 mm