Auto. Cutting, Sewing and Single Side 2~6 Printing Machine

500-3C Series

Our automatic cutting, sewing and single side 2~6 printing machine is the combination of auto. cutting & sewing machine and single side printing machine to be online operation to perform a ready bag. With auto. online working process ensures the saving of labor with productive capacity.


  • Cutting unit and printing unit works simultaneously that minimizes the miss of printing job.
  • Convenient operation and trouble-free to take care the machine easily.
  • Selection of either auto. cutting & sewing unit or printing unit is available upon request.
  • With working table to manually feed bag for printing without processing from auto. cutting & sewing unit.
  • The unwinder is with pneumatic pedal device to lift the fabric roll easily without any mechanical tools.
  • The cloth feeding is driven by dancing roller to maintain uniform tension of the fabric.
  • Dual servo control for cloth feeding and bag clamping minimizes the cutting length variation.
  • The clipper arm is mounted with silicone screw to avoid pricking the surface of bag.
  • EPC device to control the edge position for varying web width.
  • Union Special sewing head is available on customers’ request.
  • With colorful operator-friendly human machine interface (HMI) offers English, Spain, Russia, Arabic, Chinese, French to access the machine operation easily.
  • In case of no bag is fed to the ink rollers the printing roller will separate automatically to prevent ink staining the conveyor to keep clean on the bag.
  • Special design of anilox roller and ink roller to prevent splashing of ink.
  • Equipped with cubic differential transmission for each color to make printing registration (up/down, right/left) without stopping machine.
  • With auto. ink circulation device to maintain uniform ink viscosity giving good printing quality.

Select Your Model

No. of Color
Width of Web
Cutting Length
Max. Printing Speed
2 3 4
450~850 mm 450~850 mm 450 x 850 mm
500~1400 mm 500~1400 mm 500~1400 mm
25~35 bags/Min 25~35 bags/Min 25~35 bags/Min

Included Device

  • Servo Control System
  • E.P.C
  • Mark Sensor
  • Auto. Thread Breaking Detecting Device
  • Flat Cutting Knife
  • Air Compressor (5 HP)
  • Voltage Protection Relay
  • Static Elimination Brush
  • Auto. Ink Circulation : (Quantity depends on printing color)
  • Cubic Differential Transmission : (Quantity depends on printing color)
  • Auto. Stacker x 1 set

Optional Device