Auto. Liner machine for Cutting-Inserting -Sewing (With Bag Clipper)


PP woven bag with PE liner is an ideal packing for the product that requires the highest protection especially the fine grade and pulverous material such powder, chemical, salt, sugar, flour, and other similar product.
The machine is developed to replace the traditional working process to insert liner into the woven by manual. With automatic online working process benefits the saving of labor and higher production efficiency.


  • Multiple function for Auto. Cutting, PE liner inserting and sewing to save labor and increase the efficiency.
  • Dual Function Operation. Without liner insertion, the machine can perform cutting and sewing for normal woven bag.
  • Additional PE liner gives good protection to the products from any sort of leakage.
  • The excellent performance ensures higher output than manual inserting.
  • The liner is sewn fully with woven bag firmly to avoid liner movement while filling the material.
  • With “Heat” and “Cold” cutting knife to work with different material.
  • Equipped with “Heat Sealing Device” and “Cold Cutter” to produce liner as requested size.
  • The Sewing machine with up and down feeding to avoid scratch on laminated woven bag.
  • Equipped with “Feeding Servo” to control liner length accurately.

Select Your Model

Max. Diameter of Unwinding Cloth
Max. Diameter of Film
Production Capacity
Bag Width (Without Liner Insert)
Bag Width (With Liner Insert)
Bag Length (With Liner Insert)
Bag Length (Without Liner Insert)
PE Film Width
PE Film Thickness
Cutting Length Accuracy
1200 mm
600 mm
18-22 bags/min
300-850 mm Applicable
300-700 mm Applicable
450-1200 mm Applicable
450–1400 mm Applicable
+ 20 mm (Bigger PE Film Width)
0.015~0.045 mm
1.5 mm

Included Device

  • Edge Position Controller
  • Servo Control System
  • Auto. Sewing Thread-Breaking Alarm Unit
  • Voltage Protection Relay (Schneider)
  • Heat Cutting Knife and Cold Cutting Knife for Woven Fabric
  • Heat Sealing Knife and Cold Cutting Knife for PE Film.
  • Bag Mouth Opening Device
  • Printing Mark Sensor
  • 5 HP Air Compressor

Optional Device