3 Shuttles Circular Loom for Leno Bag


It is designed for weaving tubular fabric from PP/HDPE tapes for leno bag which is ideal for packing onion, potatoes, oranges, garlics, etc.


  • Available to have conversion kit (optional) to make normal woven bag by changing necessary spare parts.
  • With auto. oil feeding device giving continuous lubrication to keep driven parts in good condition.
  • Gear driven ensures auto. oil circulation and minimizes spare part consumption.
  • With weft finished and weft breakage detecting sensor to obtain smooth fabric quality.

Select Your Model

No. of Shuttle
Layflat Width
Mesh Control
Shuttle Speed
No. of Warp
3 Shuttles
400~760 mm
Gear Changing
60~110 RPM
720 pcs

Included Device

  • Main Inverter: 1 set
  • Weft Finished and Weft Breaking Detecting Sensor: 1 set