Some issues should be paid attention while operating the Flat yarn making machine


  1. Operator safety
  2. (1) Develop a safety education plan, provide safety education and on-the-job training to all employees who are on the job, and must be certified to work after being assessed. It is best to obtain a job certificate approved by the local labor safety department.

    (2) Operators must undergo technical training, be familiar with operating procedures, master basic operating skills, and be able to fully understand the dangers that may arise during the use of the equipment and take correct countermeasures.

    (3) Operators should be equipped with necessary safety tools, protective clothing, work caps, protective gloves, etc. When employees are on duty, they should wear work clothes with no buttons or open sleeves, wear non-slip shoes and tie their shoelaces. Long-haired female worker

    (4) Long hair must be tied up securely and a work cap must be worn. It is prohibited to work while drunk.
    When working at a height of more than 2 meters, you must wear a safety helmet and safety belt. When working at a higher position, the stability of the operating platform or mat must be checked.

    (5) Keep the work area clean and tidy, and promptly remove dangers caused by waste wire, waste film and other obstacles. Before starting the equipment, check whether the protective covers and other safety facilities are intact and whether the emergency stop switch is effective.

    (6) Develop measures for specific equipment to prevent rollers and high-speed moving parts from pinching hands and mechanical injuries, as well as on-site treatment and medicines when accidents occur. Develop measures to prevent burns in high-temperature places such as machine heads and ovens, as well as on-site treatment and medicines when accidents occur.

    (7) The joints at the heating coil must be covered with porcelain caps to prevent electric shock. During normal operation, all electrical control box and distribution cabinet doors must be closed tightly. Non-professional electricians are not allowed to perform maintenance on electrical systems. It is strictly prohibited to touch the switch with wet hands.

    (8) Before maintenance of electrical equipment, the main power supply must be turned off and a warning sign must be posted on the main switch.

    (9) Safety signs should be placed on parts of the equipment that are susceptible to mechanical damage or burns, so that they are kept intact and clearly written.

    (10)The operator's hands must not reach into the 7-wheel of Stretching & Annealing unit. If not careful, immediately remove the emergency stop line under the 7-wheel of Stretching & Annealing unit to stop the whole machine to avoid the operator injury.

  3. Equipment security
  4. Develop detailed rules for safety inspections before starting the machine.

    The screw must not be run without material or load to avoid grinding the screw.

    After the temperatures of the machine head and barrel reach the set temperature, they must be kept warm for 1 hour before starting the extruder to avoid twisting the shaft.

    The speed regulator using an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor must follow the procedure of starting the motor→turning on the speed-regulating power supply→slowly adjusting the speed. When stopping, turn the speed regulator knob to the "0" position.

    Never allow tools, metal or other foreign objects to fall into the hopper.

    The extruder head must not operate under overpressure, and the filter should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the thrust bearing and the collapse of the large flat filter, injuring people and equipment.