PP Woven Bag Production Line in Thailand


This company started the cooperation with For Dah since 1980 whose business rapidly grows up to be the second-largest PP woven bag manufactures in Thailand within 10 years. 
The customer constantly devotes himself to research value-added product to win the place in the rice packaging who is the first one to develop BOPP woven bag with rotogravure printing and obtain the patent to have exclusive production in Thailand.   
At present, the customer is running more than 300 machines manufactured by For Dah in the pp woven bag production line. 
The attractive printing quality not only offers the benefit to increase the sale price of woven bags but also minimizes the investment cost; therefore woven bag features widely applications with flexibility to bring the customer greater profits.  As of 2017, the target production achieves to 50 billion bags per year creating the annual turnover of US$ 10 billion.