PP Woven Bags Machinery In Sri Lanka


The company has been specializing in woven bag production for more than 30 years who is also the first woven bag factory in Sri Lanka.  Starting the phase 1 production with annual capacity 30 million bags, their excellent and durable product quality wins good orders not only from private agriculture companies but also government-sponsored industries i.e tea, rice, cotton, wheat and so on, in view of this, the customer rapidly set up a stable market in woven bag business. 

The customer is much happy that they go to the correct direction for investment especially they choose FOR DAH to be their reliable partner with long-term cooperation.

As of 2015, the customer totally carries out capacity expansion for 3 times, which reaches the annual capacity to 30 million bags.  

From the production and management experience they are aware the importance of cost saving  from good control of manpower, energy, and spare parts consumption, therefore, we continue  upgrading the design to provide them with the machine featuring ease of use and low energy consumption to help them decrease production cost by 30% than usual to give the benefit of high production efficiency.