FOR DAH high speed Flat yarn making machine standard structure


The extruder adopts a three-phase motor with variable frequency speed regulation, a hard-tooth surface reducer, and a screw L/D ratio of 1:33. The screw diameters are mainly Φ100mm, 120mm, and 130mm. The filter uses a Non-Stop Auto. Filter Changer (Two Layers) continuous long-lasting type. Equipped with the famous brand Melt pump, coat hanger flat die head, die width 900mm, 1200 mm, 1500mm, cooling water tank is stainless steel.

The high speed Flat yarn making machine-- the flat die drafting (first stretching) usually adopts a gantry structure, with water squeezing rollers for squeezing, dehydration and vacuum water absorption. The flat yarn stretching and heating device uses a hot oven (with average temperature), and the flat yarn drafting device usually It adopts a combined seven-roller structure of drafting (second stretching), heating roller, cooling setting roller and draft roller (third stretching). The winder is Auto. Tension control winder. According to the width of the die head and the requirements of the customer Flat yarn width configuration the winder quantity.

And equipped with air compressor (optional), mixer, Auto. loader & drying hopper, edge wire recovery crusher and waste wire collection system.

The machine is equipped with 4 sets of main electrical cabinet, which contain with power supply system, drive controller, PLC system, an automatic thermo-controller digital displaying PID, power regulator –SCR, speed indicator & adjusters.

In addition, there is also manual control. If the touch frequency cannot be used, to avoid inconvenience to customers or waste of raw materials due to machine shutdown, there is also a manual control system.

The high-speed wire drawing machine has a compact structure, stable performance, easy operation, high production capacity, reliable product quality, and low energy consumption.