Single 2~6 Color Piece to Piece Printing Machine -Vertical Feeding (Direct Printing)

H400 Series

The bag will be fed by vertical direction.
The single 2~6 color piece to piece printing machine is applied for solvent-based ink and direct printing method for PP woven bag with/without lamination, it is suitable for ordinary printing with simple pattern i.e logo, words, image, which is required for stuff presentation and company identification.


  • Available to perform full size printing on the PP woven bag.
  • It is suitable for the wider size of the bag to feed by lengthwise direction.
  • In case of no bag is fed to the ink rollers the printing roller will separate automatically to prevent ink staining the conveyor to keep clean on the bag.
  • Special design of Anilox Roller and Ink Rollers to prevent splashing of ink.
  • Colorful operator-friendly human machine interface (HMI) is easy to set parameter and clearly read the production record.
  • Equipped with cubic differential transmission for each color to make printing registration (up/down, right/left) without stopping machine.
  • With auto. ink circulation device to maintain uniform ink viscosity giving good printing quality.

Select Your Model

No. of Color
Applicable Bag Size (W*L)
Printing Area (W*L)
Max. Printing Speed
3 4 5 6
800 x 1300 mm 800 x 1300 mm 800 x 1300 mm 800 x 1300 mm
800 x 1300 mm 800 x 1300 mm 800 x 1300 mm 800 x 1300 mm
1~35 bags/Min 1~35 bags/Min 1~35 bags/Min 1~35 bags/Min

Included Device

  • Auto. Ink Circulation : (Quantity depends on printing color)
  • Cubic Differential Transmission : (Quantity depends on printing color)
  • Auto. Stacker x 1 set